Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Generally speaking it is supposed to be the educated class of our country from which to get the hope to hold onto optimism when things are hitting new levels of low every day. Lack of education is what we put at the base of almost everything that is wrong with our homeland. A fact that is absolutely true.

The question however, is what to do of the educated class that refuses to show the traits that are supposed to distinguish them from the other group? This band of ‘parhe likhe jahil’ seem to be on the rise, at least as far as I am concerned. (Maybe I am not moving in the right circles! Anyways)

On Monday, a 23 year old Shams Alam murdered 19 year old Samar Wasti, a student of Kinnaird College and then committed suicide on the spot. He wanted to marry her and as a reaction to the refusal from her and her family he took her life as well as his own. The rest of the details we all know, thanks to our media who is running on the motto of ‘show it all’.

It was the reaction of people that made me smash my head in the wall. Not the reaction of the people in generally who we know are going to point their fingers at the girl even before they get to know what happened. I am talking about the reaction of our educated section of the society and frankly there was no difference in their opinion and that of an uneducated person. Don’t mention the degrees and you would not be able to tell the two apart. No wonder one of our politicians is of the view ‘Degree tu degree hoti ha, asli ho ya jali’ (A degree is just a degree, real or fake).

Some of the top comments were:

Ø  The fact that the boy committed suicide proves that the girl was responsible.
Ø  Girls these days are very good at manipulating the boys.
Ø  Boys don’t go to this extent if they are not provoked by the girls.
Ø  Girls hook up then when they can’t keep it from their families back out which results in such incidents.

To sum it all up, it was the girl’s fault she got killed and it was her fault YET AGAIN that the boy committed suicide. Seriously, WTF!

The fact that the girl’s father told the media that he knew the boy was bothering his daughter and had told him to back off. The fact that she was on the phone with her father telling him that he was harassing her and most of all the fact, that Samar’s father heard the shots that took her life on the phone were ignored by these people is simply mind boggling to put it in a polite manner.

Not to ignore the fact that this moral brigade is usually led by women themselves. Mothers, who nurture the basic thought process of their children and therefore, making sure that this bug is implanted in their grey matter.   

If our educated class thinks like this, then we are surely on a speedy trip to hell as a society.

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  1. Truly speaking this was insane of the boy, and whoever thinks that it was the girls mistake to provoke, indulge or manipulate the boy are at the mount of insanity. May our generation, the exploit generation, have strength to come in to our senses. Thumbs up Fatima, for raising such issues.