Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Truth Be Told

Women have it tough in our world. With all the odds against them, they have put up a great fight and shown the level of strength that can put anyone to shame. All this leads to the oft repeated statements like ‘the world would be a better place if women ruled it’.  This statement is quite an ego booster and at times the closing comment of many arguments. The reality is quite different and bitter, as our daily encounters tell us.

One such recent brush with reality happened in the audio visual departments of one of the top medical colleges of the country. The schematics there are such that the women are in majority, including the head of the department. Among the male employees, there is a deaf and dumb individual, who has a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) from Punjab University and is appointed on pure merit bases.

The expectation here would be that that his colleagues have a combination of admiration and soft spot for him, given his efforts to support his family with a lot going against him (A year ago he was diagnosed with kidney failure & went through transplantation). 

This employee’s life has been made hell at his work place in every possible manner. He is being cornered all the time, while the rest of the department goes about their work. Isolating him is not where this ends. When a third party intervened trying to solve the unseen problem, the head had a long list of complaints and they are quite interesting in their content. The high lights include:

  • He sits in the same room, the women are in majority and they feel uncomfortable in his presences as they can’t talk among themselves with much ease.
  • He takes a few minutes’ walk (something he has to do because otherwise his legs swell) after every hour on campus, which in her opinion makes the students uncomfortable. The students have never made any such complain. 
  • Then she had a lot to say about his sister who at times picks and drops him.
  • His presence is the source of overcrowding the ‘just four’ spacious offices that she has under her command.
  • She can’t attend a senior doctor in the rooms due to his presence.

The list is a long one and has a lot of other similar serious allegations, none of which have anything to do with the quality of his work or anything that is somehow related to the workplace.

Handing over the world to women is not going to make things different. Power in whatever shape has a strange effect on people and women have fallen in the general line as well, except for few exceptions. Many a time a woman is suffering at the hands of another woman only. All these morons that are out there have not materialized from outer space, a major responsibility is on parenting and a lot of hypocrisy is going on in that department that calls for some serious attention. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Life of Pi

As a general I am of the opinion that books should not be adapted for the screen as they are never able to live up to the narrative. Added to this, Yann Martel’s Life of Pi was considered by many as one of those books which won’t get to the big screen, given the style of the narrative. This got negated by Ang Lee’s film by the same name in 3D.

The story starts where a writer is looking for ideas and is directed towards the adult version of Pi (played by Irfan Khan), who agrees to narrate the story which will amaze the write & make him believe in God. His narration starts from the childhood of Pi Patel & his curiosity about God & different religions, something that did not go well with his father’s viewpoints. The family packs up their zoo & takes a freighter to America with the animals, which is hit by a severe storm & drowns it. 

Pi (played by Suraj Sharma, a new comer) is forced to escape on a lifeboat with a couple of the animals who are later joined by ‘Richard Parker’, the Bengal Tiger. While waiting for rescue in the start, only Richard Parker survives from the band of animals that join Pi on the lifeboat.

From here on their relationship starts, which is at times, like that of a domestic pet & at times it’s a typical frightening wild one. Pi looks for ways in which he can ensure Richard Parker’s survival & that in return given him hope for his own survival as well. There are scenes where the mighty Bengal tiger acts just any domestic cat. I for one could not stop making parallels with my own pet. 

The movie however, lacks at being able to convey the philosophical narrative from the book. However, what the movie lacks it covers for in the amazing 3D effects that have been used, quality acting by Suraj Sharma, who portrayed the varying emotions with perfection and most of all the creation of the new non-human favorite character of Richard Parker.  

All in all it is worth spending your time & money on.  

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Digital Vandalism by Conduit

There is new viral marketing in town, introduced by Conduit which I have titled as harassment. They have been so ruthless that when you start Googling for a remedy, a lot of sites are going to tell you that it is a spyware infecting your system. It is not a spyware but a new copy cat (at least as far as I am concerned) search engine that is hell bent on, forcing you to use it.

The simple outlook has clearly been picked up or as they say inspired by Google minus the creativity. For those who might be wondering, no I am not getting anything out of Google for this promotion. This is a very personal thing, as I had to reinstall my browser for the 60th time, because the changing the settings is obviously not working for me.

The marketing team behind this idea of introducing their browser needs to be kicked real hard. This is not marketing, but digital vandalism.