Saturday, November 12, 2011

Desensitizing Ourselves

The word desensitized is something that we come across quite frequently these days. This word rose to its share of fame along with the rise in terrorist attacks in our country. However, I feel that now we use it like we use a number of other things to throw away responsibility from our shoulders. Things around us are getting from bad to worse and all we end up with is ‘ doesn't matter, we have been desensitized by now’.

What does this even mean?

We are in a state of desensitized mindset as long as other people are at the receiving end. When the circle tightens around our own necks, then there is no desensitized effect, it’s all active action and a need to respond. Double faced or Hypocrisy are the two most decent words I can think of for all this. 

Being able to laugh at yourself is a good thing BUT not everything is supposed to be used as a joke. Unfortunately, this is exactly what a number of people are doing. Some are of the opinion that this is just an extension of our desensitization. Again I don’t share this view point. I think that people who think that creating and mass-forwarding sms jokes, emails etc is not funny or your way of coping with the stress. It just shows that people are mentally sick and in need of psychiatric help.

The sad part is that this problem is no longer limited to a few people. The number of people involved in this is increasing and it is just reflective of our society’s mental state.

If we want to look at a better future and not just simply talk about it then we need to cure the way to think. This is the base from which we need to start. For this change, we don’t need any political party or figure to come forward. We will have to bring this change on our own. People on the upper side of the hierarchy will only change once the base of the pyramid changes itself.   

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