Monday, January 21, 2013

Around & About The Lahore Museum

During my school days the Lahore Museum was always at the top of the list of school trips list to the extent that the visit was turned down on the pretext that it was being over killed. Now those days have become part of the personal history themselves & it is always a good idea to take a trip down history’s lane.

Situated on the Mall, the Lahore Museum was established in 1864 & is the biggest museum of Pakistan. The collection includes works from the Mughal, Sikh, Indus Valley civilization, the British, Indo-Pak era, Ghandara, Hindu, Tibetan and Nepalese history, religion and culture.

I visited the place recently & the attached pictures are a glimpse of what the place has to offer, there is loads more to see & enjoy. So when you visit us make sure the museum is on your list.


  1. What a wonderful musuem. The ornate shield and knives in the 43rd picture remind me of similar ones in the Wallace Collection here in London.