Saturday, July 21, 2012

Old Book Shops Handing Out Memories

Old book shops are amazing places. The chances of getting unique titles & that too at amazing prices are much more compared to your regular book shops & the online book shops  (the general consensus at my end is that down with online book stores, they don't match up to the whole experience of book shopping).

Added to this books from old book shops transfer other peoples' connections & experiences with those books as well. I came across this biography of Sir Michael Redgrave in the mobile bookshop. As I started reading the book these newspaper clippings of Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph & one more publication whose name is not visible dated Friday, March 22, 1985, fell from the jacket cover where they were partially attached. There are no signatures on the book but whoever owned the book seems to be a huge fan. I have only seen a couple of films of Redgrave but now the movie junkie in me is tempted to explore more of his work! 

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