Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The small thoughts

There are incidents and moments in one’s life that spontaneously make you think about matters that usually never cross your mind. These thought provoking incidents don’t need to be big in magnitude. In fact it is the small things that touch the cord more often.

Few days back I too had a similar experience and the idea of human beings & their general attitude of arrogance struck me. The subconscious feeling that humans are superior and all powerful make us the arrogant brats that we are. However, this though is so hollow in reality and it doesn’t take something very serious to burst this bubble.

A small external infection at my lower back had completely left me torpid. For a week I was trapped in one posture and that was to lie down on my stomach. So even when I tried to kill my boredom with reading, I ended up cramping my neck which was not pretty, with my entire body hurting dude to stiffness and exhaustion. 
The point of this post is not to detail out as to how I spent my last week, but to share the conclusion. Instead of staying in the bubble of arrogance and considering it a part of our nature, we should be actually looking at the other side of our nature, which is quite humble and wants good for everyone.

It is the power of the human minds that differentiates them from animals; unfortunately we see that humans have used this ability to be the cruelest animal to walk on the face of earth.  

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  1. well written. i agree maybe we need to introspect within about the way we are headed! Sadly, as of now, not a good road we are traveling on, rather should I say not a good destination in the end.