Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dumb E-marketing

I am a complete supporter of E- marketing & find it a much better & effective way of communication with one’s current & prospective customers. However, for this to happen one has to indulge in smart e-marketing & not just follow the bandwagon & do what the technology is offering. Un-planned e-marketing results in spamming only. Just because there are no major costs involved; it should not be an incentive for marketers to waste a highly effective medium of communication.

None of us is unfamiliar with spam emails as we all have had our good share of them &know how to deal with them. However, the more irritating situation is where social networking sites too are now being used for spamming. My most recent experience took place a few days back while I was fooling around with a friend on twitter. While talking about tea I mentioned my uncontrolled nicotine intake & that very instant I got links of the blue cigarettes from two different twitter accounts.

This might sound pretty harmless from the outside but I feel that marketers extensively indulging in the abuse of e-marketing are diminishing its effectiveness & customers get turned off quite easily & convincing them was never a child’s play & in the present times they are not softening up, instead it is the opposite way around.

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