Monday, August 30, 2010

Using separate lens for analysis

The analysis of some recent events has amazed me. Same people have used different core concepts to define the lens through which they see things.

We have been hit by the worst form of natural disaster in our history. The devastation has been said to pass that of tsunami & the 2005 earthquake combined.

The international response to our devastation has been pretty slow, as they say too little too late. One of the major reasons for this has been attributed to the low trust deficit that our present government has. However, though there are no two opinions that this factor holds true to its core still there have been divided opinion as to how people should react. While one group is of the opinion that any aid given to the government institutions will be equal to dumping it in a deep dark pit hence the aid should be directed towards the international & national organizations which are working independent of the government & which we can be rest assured that will deliver to the needy. Therefore, people from this group have been quite vocal about this issue & have been termed as anti-government. And some have went so far as to term this lot as anti-Pakistan. American Naturalist once wrote “Patriots must always be ready to fend his country against its government”.

On the other hand we have the group which is of the opinion that though the government is not reliable but keeping in view the devastation we need to keep our difference aside & help them get aid from the international forum. And one way of aiding can be that we stop demonizing the government & work with it.
My Personal opinion about the difference is that the former group has real sharp memory while group the latter has very short memories. 2005 earthquake anyone??? At that point even though the trust deficit was not that low, but the results were equally hopeless. There was aid that never reached the victims, aid that was sold in the open market, aid that went in for the personal use of a select few who were not in need of it. Something similar has started to happen. People have sported eatable goods being sold in the open market which have the UN aid for flood relief’s seal on them.

Coming to another incident, that has shocked us. The Sialkot lynching incident of two teenage brothers by the mob in the presence of the police officials & the Rescue 1122 personnel. Some people took no moment in declaring the whole Pakistani nation as savages ready to kill with just the slightest provocation. Yes, we all are & should be ashamed of what happened to those two boys; to be more specific to a family who will be living with this for the rest of their lives. However, just because the group assembled there became part of the infamous mob culture & didn’t stop the madness how does this put the blame on the whole of the nation? I have never came across countries being labeled as outright barbaric societies who have destroyed other countries just to secure their personal benefits. If this is how nations are to be defined then I think the whole human race should be declared as worse than animals as we all have been watching the massacres taking place in all the occupied countries around the globe.

Are we not looking in the wrong direction then?

As the new reports are pouring in can no one see that those involved in this brutality were acting out of desperation as well, though I in no sense mean to say that their sickness is justified; But just blaming the people & reacting by saying that all those involved should be treated in a similar fashion to serve justice is not going to help in the remotest sense. It will only aid the cycle & keep it running. Those labeling the nation as savages forgot that these very savages when go to a different country temporarily or permanently fully abide by their laws & show no signs of being the raw ready to kill types. Ever wonder why? Because they know that the machinery of law is not completely dead & people are not helpless for justice as we have become.
Justice delayed is Justice denied.

The people involved in the brutality justified their action based on the concept of serving justice as they have been at the receiving end of robbery & murder all this time & they had lost patience at this point. Had this been the result if the law enforcement machinery working for what it has been designed for; making sure that justice is neither delayed nor denied to the people. Instead the realty check is that they are part of the core problem themselves & aid this chaos which has surrounded us.

In all this analysis did anyone realize that the small children present on the scene should never be accepted to act in a calm manner when confronted with a similar situation in their own lives because what got imprinted on their raw minds would be near to impossible to change. And when the cycle will repeat itself analyst will take the easy way out & sum it all up in a single line, the nation has always been full of savages.

The focus has been on two things, one saying that we are mad people & second that were the boys innocent or involved in the crimes alleged by the people at the other end. Whichever case be true the focus should be to bring the relevant authorities too task so that people don’t continue to take the law in their own hands because if we look at the long term consequences of such a trend, we are inviting a self made disaster. Now even the all are politicians have gone silent too, who were ready to bring justice at the door steps of that family when the other side of the story surfaced. This only shows that they endorse the fact that if they were criminals treating them that way is acceptable to them.

Not much attention is being given to the protests that were held on the 24th of Aug in Lahore & on the 26th of Aug. in both Lahore & Karachi. Those people are part of this very nation trying to be part of the change that they want to see around them. Why have their efforts not been given the due share? Why only concentrate on the negative which only results in attracting more negativity? 


  1. That is the way sadly, our system works. Everyone is more focussed on the negative stuff because not only does it sell, but we society as a collective lot find it easy to criticize and be cynical, comes naturally to us.

    About the george fulton article, I think what he wrote wasn't offensive to most Pakistanis, it was that he wrote it! Had some brown skinned academic written it everyone would have been quoting him.

  2. On this unfortunate incident the nation stood (as it seemed through the media) against barbarity and the insane behavior; but i had a fear from the very beginning that it would end with no substantiate result.

    The culprits were arrested and the DCO too was in custody after much hide and seek game, but still i have a feeling that the incident will not get the due attention and evaluation.

    Because, majority of our people have a simple yet embedded habit of being careless; in every deed that life offers, we in majority are being immunized against the call of our "hiss". Every thing has an equal share in developing our egoistic personality.

    The use of every state machinery in terms of individual gain since the creation of Pakistan, the indulgence of our people in pseudo-religious movements and sectarian violence, and many other factors have developed into us these peculiar characteristics.

    And thus, I fear that this particular incident will also have the traditional ending, with the high officials released respectfully and God knows with promotion or what.

    But I am also optimistic about our nation, as it will rise, and its people will develop a lifestyle based on the 'essence of our deen'. A living based on plurality; between cultures, ethnicity, and religious views.With Justice, Equality, Brotherhood and Fraternity and Freedom of speech practically being the foundation and knowledge,prosperity, peace,unity and pluralism its message.