Wednesday, July 28, 2010

With Freedom comes great Responsibility

We all have been siding with the term freedom quite aggressively. Be it the ban on the social networking site or the press by the Punjab Government. Having said that one thing that has also been highlighted is that with freedom comes great responsibility. Those who are able to keep the balance I am all out for there support. However, those who have started taking this for granted that to people will support their freedom just to show the world that we too are from the same sane category & not from the stone age, have got it all wrong.


There is & cannot be any justification of the abuse of the freedom & those who try making these justifications are an utter fail.

Today was another sad day, an Airblue’s flight crashed at Margalla Hills, Islamabad. 150 people were on board. There has been no major large scale suicide bombing & I guess the daily target killings in Karachi & the murder of the only son of Kyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Information Ministery were not good enough stories to keep the people glued to the news channels. Therefore, this crash provided a nice opportunity.

Watching the coverage it was obvious that most of the journalist have forgotten that there were real people sitting in that flight. Humans who were connected to other humans in multiple network of relationships. Normally in such relationships what happens is that you care for others & if something bad happens to them a part to you hops on the balance too & the phase of not knowing the exact facts is nerve recking to say the least. How difficult is this to comprehend? What is so philosophical about this basic instinct that anyone with an average I.Q fails to relate with?

Neither it is the absence of the IQ nor the concept under discussion is too difficult, it is just about keep a control over your work ethics in crisis situations. Showing the live manifest of the flight was not really a nice way to for the families of the victims to know about their loss. And the animation by Geo was really really an act of a sick mind. Then another journalist stated that he’ll be showing the two identity cards that he found from the crash site. I fail to understand what was going in his head.

Agreed that this is the commercial age but still somethings & situations are not for sale & sure death tops the list. 

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  1. Sadly these days all journalists care about are their respective TRP's. Happens here too. I think the term journalist is a dying breed. Now all we get are paid professionals who only care about how many eyeballs they can grab for their own segment. Don't expect much to change..