Monday, March 23, 2009

Celebrating Days

What's the point in celebrating different events by marking them with public holidays or local holidays; well apart from the plus point that we all can do with one extra holiday with all this caios bustling around? Take the example on today's date 23rd March, what's there too celebrate when we don't follow the underlying concept. Just look what have we done to our homeland & we all stand guilty in our respective positions.Untill & unless we start in the right direction ourselves we should not expect change. I read this line somewhere for which I can't locate the exact reference which states:

"Don't expect untill & unless you deserve".

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Basic Rule of Economics

A basic concept that the business students are taught a small portion of economics is that if there is demand then the supply will find its way to it. So if the supply of some commodity is to be stopped the demand side should be attacked as one's best option. Applying this to some practical situations where the blame game also occupies the hot seat I guess we'll come to realize who's to be blamed.

Most of the time the good people of our society complain about the filth that Lollywood(Pakistan's film industry) portrays, also the deteriorated form of the theater. Analyzing the case what's the demand? People who are their target customers term the stuff entertainment & why so. Well you can't expect from a fruit vendor to enjoy your standard of cinema as his life circle is not bothered about its effects. Wouldn't it be better if we improve the general grooming level of our people?

Coming to something much bigger in size; the present condition of our political elite, who unfortunately are in ample supply. But how come they are at the top & our good ol "para likha tabka" out of the scene? Why are some of these people discussing this in their drawing rooms that their children will be a minority in the near future that they are seeing & will be ruled by the mixture of the elite & the lower "unpar jahil" class? Who's responsible for not bringing up their children with the awareness & courage that they should not just be concerned about their own personal benefits? Weren't these sanity filled people supposed to inject some nationalism in their brood? They didn't think that all this was necessary therefore now they don't have any right to whine when the lower class has an ample demand for the ruling elite & are ready to even vote for a "khamba" if that's the candidate of their beloved party.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This might be the last match played on our soil; I don't want to sound pessimistic but at the moment all indicators point in this direction. Terrorism has engulfed us completely. Talibans, Indian pressure & American drone etc etc… Where does the common man stands????

Coming to my basic point which depressed me the most is the loss of young blood. Thank God that no one from the Sri Lankan team encountered fatal injuries but what about the lives of our young officers who just jumped out in front of the fire to protect the country's guests. Do their sacrifices have no standing? No value?

The last figure that I came across was 6 police officers. We didn't loose 6 soldiers but 6 families. Having experienced the loss of a young army officer in the family I can very well imagine the scene that is at present going on in those 6 families.

My next question is, are these scarifies worth something? Can't see any positive change in our surroundings. What's the political elite doing?

A lot of question BUT no answers.....:*-@