Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dr Faisal Dar – Pioneer of Liver Transplantation in Pakistan

My interview with Dr. Fasial Dar for My Voice Unheard  Read the full interview at

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  1. It is matter of great national pride that a hospital in Pakistan (Shifa International Hospital Islamabad) has so far performed more than 340 living donor liver transplant surgeries in Pakistan.
    The center was established in 2012 and since it has been performing the transplant surgeries as per International standards & parameters of success.

    There are still a lot of patients who are advised by Medical agencies and agents to visit Indian hospitals as Indian hospitals provide commission and financial incentive to these agents.

    I just would like to advice all the patients who have been recommended Liver Transplant to first visit Shifa International Hospital and then decide about their options for treatment.