Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Art of Social Media

Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick co-authored The Art of Social Media providing practical tips and tools for effective use of Social Media. Guy is an evangelist and Peg is a social media strategist. In more fun terms, as mentioned at the start if the book, they are the Jack and Chloe duo from Guy’s favorite (my personal favorite as well) television series 24. The analogy is quite fitting as it is an hour to hour battle that makes the core of the world of Social Media.

The ammunition they layout is not just theoretical; they have collected it through personal experience which in my books gives them an edge over other Social Media professionals. Additionally, you know that they are on the right track when they state in their book that one should be vary of those who claim to be experts in the field. This is a platform that requires constant learning, given the speed with which it is changing and only those who are open to adopting to constant change can be successful.

Content is king! This is one of the key take away. Despite the content overload that is a norm on all the various Social Media platforms, at the end of the day quality content wins it all. Increasing the frequency of the content (Guy is an ambassador for this concept) will only work if it is interesting enough to attract your audience’s attention. 

The next key factor to consider is the presentation of the content. You put out long texts and you lose your audience after the first few line or latest by the end of the first paragraph. One needs to be precise and images and videos work much better than text. If your image or video clicks with your audience, they will surly click on the link for details and there you can provided the text material. The trick is to add as much innovation to your visuals as possible.

‘If you are not offending someone, then you are not using Social Media rightadvises the book and rightly so. Adopting the policy of pleasing everyone is not going to be a fruitful one so avoid it. Same goes for debates that turn into pointless banter; 'You can never go wrong by taking the high road, because winning the war for class and credibility is more important than winning the battle with one commenter'.

The reader is guided in a step by step manner to build their Social Media presence, how to put out a coherent and effective message and most important of all how to organize it. They have implemented their own advice and made reading The Art of Social Media, a total delight by providing images of the sites and links to sources that will help you in building your brand.  

There are many tools that are available to help you in designing your content, sourcing your content and scheduling it. This books provides their details and guides the reader how to successfully use them and this is its best feature and reason enough for you to own a copy. I have personally picked up a few tricks and incorporated them for my work and they are helping me built my network and gage my target audience. 

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