Thursday, December 6, 2012

Digital Vandalism by Conduit

There is new viral marketing in town, introduced by Conduit which I have titled as harassment. They have been so ruthless that when you start Googling for a remedy, a lot of sites are going to tell you that it is a spyware infecting your system. It is not a spyware but a new copy cat (at least as far as I am concerned) search engine that is hell bent on, forcing you to use it.

The simple outlook has clearly been picked up or as they say inspired by Google minus the creativity. For those who might be wondering, no I am not getting anything out of Google for this promotion. This is a very personal thing, as I had to reinstall my browser for the 60th time, because the changing the settings is obviously not working for me.

The marketing team behind this idea of introducing their browser needs to be kicked real hard. This is not marketing, but digital vandalism.

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