Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So Why Don't They Leave?

One of the reasons that no one really takes us seriously in the international community can be seen is the following video.

(Mr. Gillani was not even able to get the hint from the interviewer's expression that damage control was in order!)

The country is suffering from a plethora of problems and therefore, no one should be accepting an instant solution. Anyone who does is naïve and anyone who promises instant solutions is either delusional or a plain liar. Still at the micro level a lot of good things are happening and the potential of finding solutions at this level & then converting them to a macro level exists for those who actually want to do some good. When this starts happening, we will find ourselves on the right track.

In the meanwhile, I for one want that anyone representing my country, should & must be capable of representing it with dignity. Sadly this is not the case. Our “democratic representatives” out of all the people have time and again failed to live up to the expectations. (For those who might have made up their minds labeling me anti-democracy etc etc, no I am all for democracy, but limiting yourself to casting the ballot and declaring it the triumph of democracy is not my cup of tea!). A democratic representative should know why people are not leaving the country, despite all the signals are urging them to and given that ‘no one is stopping them’. Musharaff was once asked about the brain drain of Pakistan and his response was that as we can’t provide for them; let them go, they will return once things settle down. Things never settled down as no one was making much effort and those who leave, hardly ever return. So what’s the difference between the mindset of a dictator and that of an elected representative?

All Pakistan is left to cheer about is the talent of the desis’ who make a name once they are no longer carrying their green passport and their success is benefitting their adopted homelands. No one is blaming them for leaving, as a lot of them tried to the hilt for making it here but came across hurdles they couldn’t cross, because no one was interested in stopping them.

Still there are many who are staying and have no plans for leaving. These are the real heroes, the unsung heroes doing everything they can to make things right and to show the world that their country is more than the headlines that have come to define it. They come from all walks of life and are here to stay because they Pakistan is home and leaving your home for good is not easy at any level. Call them idiots, emotional, irrational or whatever you like but they do exist are here to stay.

So Mr. Prime Minister, a better option would be that instead of making a fool out of yourself in front of foreign journalists, just spare some time and get to know the lot of these idiots, emotional and irrational individuals so that you might figure out for a change that Pakistan is in a dire need of them.   

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