Saturday, April 9, 2011

Book Review: Life & Death of Planet Earth by Peter Ward & Donald Brownlee

If you think that the name was selected just to attract readers, you are out right mistaken. The book is a reality check & as the saying goes, reality bites. It’s an astrobiological take on the life cycle of our planet earth. The authors have tried to explain the state of earth by comparing it’s life cycle with that of a human being & according to their scientific research the planet earth is already at the peak of its life cycle & has entered the middle age. 

The book takes the reader through a journey & tingling the imagination sketches a picture of the past & the future of earth. One of the main extracts of this book is that the earth’s evolution is taking place in a life cycle, therefore its end is going to resemble its beginning. Just like science has informed us that the start of the life form was very basic for example in the form of microbes etc, in a similar manner at the end the only life form that is going to survive will be the same microbes. They will be the only ones who will be able to adapt to the harsh external conditions of our planet which we have taken for granted.

All arguments given are supported by scientific proofs & are explained quite effectively making it possible for even a layman to be glued to it till the last page. Even though one might be left with a sense of doom & gloom after reading the book but it still is a winner & a highly recommended one, not only just for the sake of a reality check for all but also it gives us an idea as to how are we contributing to this life cycle & the need for change in that style of contribution.

Originally written for Pakistan Sustainability Network

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