Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Warrior’s Life (A Biography of Paulo Coelho) by Fernando Morais

A Warrior’s Life, an authorized biography of Paulo Coelho gives an intimate view of the most mysterious author who attracts extreme reaction towards his work. The words ‘I told things to Fernando that I had never said to anyone…not even to myself’ printed at the back of the cover should be proof enough for the reader that nothing was miss represented. Writing about a person who attracts such contrast reactions is a big challenge in itself but it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Mr. Fernando has quite successfully dealt with this challenge.

The book starts in May 2005, following Paulo Coelho through the airport heading to Budapest. Upon landing Paulo Coelho seems disappointed as no one is there to greet him. He makes the phone calls & soon enough, he gets his due reception. From here on the readers moves along a timeline from his birth through his childhood & adulthood showing all that the most read author went through.

Born in a well off family he defied the standards set for him & created his own, developing a passion to become a world famous writer. A desire that didn’t come easy to him & even sometimes became a hindrance in succeeding the jobs he managed to get in.

Landing a journalist job which he lost it to his frequent admission to a mental clinic; where he undergoes electroshock treatment, his downward spiral of depression, Satanism, sex & drugs begins. During this phase he is involved in multiple relationships & takes infinite travel trips desperate for his inspiration. Even though the inspiration he was desperate was nowhere near his sight he got in a successful career in theatre, drama & the music industry. This is followed by Paulo Coelho taking a journey of spirituality that leads him to the order of the RAM, and finally to become a world famous author.

 Fernando Morais had access to journals & other material that was to be destroyed after the death of Paulo according to his will. Using these, his extensive interview with the author added with the extensive research that he did resulted in an objective insight into The Paulo Coelho. 

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