Saturday, August 14, 2010

This 14th August let us promise to Give back

This Independence Day comes with the country being surrounded by problems with more than 10 thousand square kilometers of land submerged under flood waters. The UN has declared that number affected by Pak floods may exceed 2004 tsunami, 2005 Kashmir earthquake and 2010 Haiti earthquake combined.

The cynics are having a nice time though as according to them they have been predicting all this since long, unfortunately no one listens to them. Exactly, what have they been predicting, the national disasters or the inefficiency of the government. The latter requiring no predictions, they follow a set pattern, one we know by heart now.

So Pakistan turns 63 today, how many more years you grant it before your very favorite prediction comes true, something this lot I guess dreams of every night. Anyways sorry people you can only dream about it as we are here to stay you like it or not. The biggest reason of it being, our endurance level something which, even a former CIA official could not escape from noticing. "Pakistanis will do as they have always done. They will endure."

Few days back I got the link of a video created for the purpose of boosting our ever drowning moral. Something that was staring out from that video was the fact that we are blessed by nature & individual talent. What we lack is to put all these as combine efforts which will result in the uplift of the whole. This is one area we need to work on.

Whatever the odds, hope is something which has always been a parallel to our land. Something that has proven to be a life line for us. The cynics can say whatever they want, as that is the only thing they do best, hand out free predictions. When asked to chip in any small way, you will be loaded with a long list of reasons why your very idea is a flop. Sometimes it makes you wonder how they can never be burdened for not trying. But when one sees those clinging to the life line of hope & giving back in whatever way they can, the pessimism that one just can’t help being surrounded by vanishes.

The power house of this hope lies with the people & time & again they have showed its power & effectiveness. We face a situation where we need to keep aside our age old differences & get through this together because we won’t be able to if we did not pool in our efforts. Keeping our hopes etched on to the centers which have failed us time & again is no solution. It is time to give back & in a way say thank you to the land which has never led us down even when its people were not able to return back the favor which was its due.


This is no time for calling quits. We have to be the change we want to see.

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  1. Interesting post, Fatima. Indeed we need to stand up in this hour of need. Definitely not a time to lay back on our couches at home.