Sunday, July 25, 2010

Real Books Rules; E-books Drool


I am so glad to see the result of this poll conducted by the Guardian. If you are even remotly considering that this is coming from someone who is anti-tech, think again, because I am not & I can present ample proof of it.  Anyways the point here is some things are not just meant to change, no matter what & this stands true for the Real-books. I fail to understand how are people able to connect with e-books; when you can’t feel the book in your hand & can’t wheeze through the pages & not get lost in it while folding yourself in whatever posture you want.

My experience with e-books has been torturous to say the least as there is always a limit to which you can continuously stare at the screen which limited & to some extent effected my review of the book.  Though I am one of those who agrees with a lot of what Bill Gates says & does, his statement about e-books being a better option is something I won’t be agreeing with as far as I can see.

Long live the REAL BOOKS!!!! 

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