Tuesday, July 27, 2010

People vs People

Last Sunday while on my way back from a sleep-over at a relative’s home I got stuck in a traffic jam, whose cause was unknown for approximately twenty minutes. The first rumor (we are an expert in here & spare no occasion to relish in satisfaction of our tongue) that circulated was that there had been an accident & this news helped in lowering the boiling tempers. However, the odd thing out was that there were no ambulances screeching around, only one passed by & that too in the opposite direction. This & the popping heads finally announced that there was no such thing even remotely resembling an accident ahead.

So what the heck was the problem?

This was answered when we saw police mobiles move around & after a brief session of hue & cry the traffic started to inch forward. During this it was told that there was a protest going on & this entire blockage was its resultant.

Cause of the protest?

In an area (whose name I couldn’t get confirmed) the sewerage lines were blocked due to the rains resulting in the water submerging everything in its proximity & to add to the miseries of the residents there was no electricity at stretch from last two days. Thus, the people had all the right to protest.

What my problem is?

My objection here is the method of protest, there location & the obvious fact the result of such protests is ZERO. The people in the administration who are supposed to listen couldn’t care less as lately most of them have gone tech savvy & the people in the concerned departments would have been enjoying their Sunday too.

Who actually suffered?

People on the whole as always. However, in this situation & other like it people become the cause of suffering for fellow equally suffering people. That is why it is said that although there more good people in this world than the bad ones but the latter are the organized lot, hence they get to subject the majority.


  1. understandably, as much pissed they are, they need to vent some frustration out plus no one including media notices until they pull a show like that.
    who-actually-suffered theory seems plausible thou

  2. I am all up for the protest, it was their right just the fact that it did not produced the result that would have helped them even the media didn't cover anything as far as I know. The police came & shooed them off, that all that happened.

  3. Hi,
    Great blog just came across it via Fatima Bhutto.
    I like this post in regards to protesting and its something that I have also noticed (not just in Pakistan but also Scotland/UK, where I'm from)

    The problem I feel is that Pakistani people are very emotional people it 'feels' better to march and shout slogans and wave banners even though the net result is zero and probably pits the general public against you for disrupting their daily lives. The anger is released and then its back to the daily grind.

    Writing letters, bringing the media along with you, producing a concerted effort and a planned campaign seems as if its too much effort.

    Bottom line? Your back to where you started. Just moaning and complaining to anyone that would listen.

    That's my 2p.
    Thanks for the interesting blogs, keep it up.