Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Easy Said than Done

Often we tend to advise others to Let Go & Move On; & the intentions behind this advice are most of the time with the best interest at heart for that person. However, this advice is getting a bit to common place & people tend to think it is the solution of every dam thing that goes wrong in your life. IT IS NOT!!!!!

There are things you can’t just let go & STFU with regards to them. You learn to live with them but you can’t forget them as they hang in the very air you breathe. Everything in this world does not depend on rationality so trying to rationalize each & everything is not just stupidity but adds insult to the injury.

So when someone is repeating it time & again the underline message is to honor that memory, to make sure that the particular life had value & others better keep this thing in mind so that the same thing is not repeated. What advocates of “Let Go” policy forget is that by not keeping it fresh in the memory they allowing it to happen again & again & again.


  1. I disagree.Continuous repetition serves no purpose other than just hurting the person who holds on to that pain and suffering. Forgiveness and peace are the hardest things in life to do. More than those that receive it, the one who gives it receives doublefold..Peace to him.....May he always stay in your heart as a wonderful memory that only invokes joy and hope.

  2. It's not about forgivness, shutting up means u leave room for repetition, how many times are u gonna forgive?