Friday, May 28, 2010

Obviously Not Worth the Protest

Another Friday will go down the archives as the day of massacre during the jumma prayers. But ofcourse this is yet another incident which does not deserve to be taken immediate notice of neither it is worth country wide protests. We have much more important issues to consider like who is making cartons to trigger us or to make sure we make excuse of every possible incident & turn it into a well established attention diverter. After all we have are priorities well set.

Pakistan made headlines by reacting in such an absurd manner to the blasphemous content published in a foreign country, but I am pretty sure that like before we won’t see similar kind of protests for the massacre which took place today in two mosques of the Ahmadi sect in Lahore. So far as the operation is still going on hardly any mainstream public figure has come out with an open condemnation. Why? Yes, we are now desensitized to all this madness (not a fact to be proud of but still a bitter fact) but isn’t this factor being abused by the power to be, by not doing what is supposed to be done. To make an example out of the culprits so that more & more don’t follow suit. Something that is done to the activist of this country. But I guess I am asking for too much.

Questioning the authorities has proven to be of no use time & again so let’s just keep it aside for the time being. I am very much interested in checking the morals of the people in general at the moment as I felt like being slapped hard in my face when general people were questioning each other’s religious values when some of us choose to disagree & refused to join the bandwagon of the crackdown on the freedom of speech & choice. Will they be protesting this incident with the same intensity & make sure that they pressurize the authorities (or actually scare them) into cracking down on these self proclaimed elements so that more blood is not spilt the way it has been for some time now, & which has been repeated today again? The unfortunate answer that I can see coming is NO, they won’t.

So far the body count just from a single location (Model Town) is 27. This is not just a simple body count or even 27 individuals. Consider this the destruction of 27 families for whom life is not going to be the same. And we won’t protest this showing that this issue is not worth it.

Acting self proclaimed protectors of our religion when we mock it better than anyone else. Engrossed in labeling other religions as threats to Islam & its followers we ignore the real threat that is our own selves. A fact majority won’t accept as reality bites.

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