Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Incompatibility with the Concept of Institutions

The other day I came across an article where the writer trying to describe our institutes states that to put it in a polite manner “they are developing”. Well I think he was being too generous, they are non-existent & are showing no signs of development. And this case scenario is not just limited to our very famous government institutions. Lately I had a personal experience with some nonprofit organizations & was surprised to see the level of bureaucracy & the infamous one man show they followed. During one of the ranting sessions about the limit to which we had to suffer following these two systems the idea came up that there is something direly wrong with the thinking process of our region & specially our country. Nobody seems to be interested in forming a system whichever area of expertise they are working in. A lot of time & energy is wasted in creating the nuisance value of individuals.

Ayub Khan in an attempt at defending his dictatorship once said that democracy doesn’t work in hot countries. A statement mirroring more of his intentions rather than reality but the unfortunate fact is that his idea has to some extent incorporated itself in the foundations of our system. A vicious cycle, from which cutting loose seems next to impossible. The worst part being that this concept is penetrating to the sectors which should be capable of blocking this system.

A business manager once said “If one is not able to train a better manager than himself, that manager has failed miserably”. This stands true in every case scenario & I think this should be made the criteria for judging one’s success story rather than the traditional standards that we have been following since ages. And if start judging according to this we’ll see that the failure rate is immense. Humans are mortal & this is no breaking news. How hard is it not to see the obvious & digest the fact that one day each & everyone of us has to pack up & leave that too empty handed. So sticking yourself with the elfi when you get to a position is basically pointless.

Those who have realized this theory are in a much better situation, as they create for themselves a permanent place without compromising their identity of mortality. They don’t get killed at the hands of history, which is the worst kind of death.

However, a single person can only have the intention & start off an effort for establishing an institution & until & unless he is supported by a team the efforts are fruitless, this is a fact cut in stone. Whenever, a system is dependent on a single person the resultant is nothing less than disastrous & I think we in Pakistan can claim copyrights over this phenomena.

This can’t be lived on with.

No doubt we are made of a very strong wood, after all how else could we have been able to survive this long. But why just survive? Why not progress & change? All the required ingredients are present, so why let a behavioral defect ruin it all. As Leo Tolstoy said:

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”.

High time we stop our drawing room change activism & get some real work done.

First published in: http://www.pro-pakistan.com/2010/05/15/incompatibility-with-the-concept-of-institutions/

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