Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facebook Fiasco

I had decided not to join the bandwagon & give space to this Facebook fiasco (apparently the most critical issue my country is facing) on my blog. Unfortunately, I was not able to stick to this idea of mine. The trigger point for this post were the replies that I got for an article that I forwarded by Adil Najam (the article can be accessed here on the issue which I found to be the most logical piece on it by far.

Going through those reactions brought me to the following conclusion: The way our collective thinking process works, who the hell needs enemies, we do the job for them & in a much more effective manner.

We have shown that we are insulated & won’t let history teach us one bit. Why haven’t we been awarded the champions of experts in shooting their own feet? Time & again our style of protest has damaged the cause instead of helping it achieve its target.

Agreed there is a fine line between freedom of speech & abuse of it, & surely the abuse of it should be condemned & protested BUT in the right manner. Taking absurd measures in the name of condemning the abuse of this freedom is even worse. Plus it does not highlight the difference between your view point & those responsible for the offense.

And to top the list of the results of this mindless response, we have yet again failed in registering our protest, to explain why people should abstain from hurting our feelings. Though in my personal view ignoring the issue would have been the best policy as it is us; the self proclaimed saviors who did the marketing for these people & that too for free. I am ready to bet that they would have failed miserably to get to this hall of fame on their own.

No wonder Zia-ul-Haq was able to devise the idea(or whoever in his advisory board came up with it, as the self appointed Ammer-ul-Mominen’s creative skills were non-existent) of giving out important news in-between cricket match intervals so that people would not bother reacting as they had their priorities set in the reverse order. We have voluntarily chosen to live with the ghosts of our nightmares & show no signs of planning to break away.

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  1. Sadly this is what we have been reduced to. I am pretty certain though that had it been some Hindu god, we might have reacted the same way. it isn't just about pakistan, it is about this region. Our myopic views towards the way we view our own opinions and those around us..