Friday, April 16, 2010

People Resist Change

These days in our Management Information System (MIS) course we indulge in one of our favorite conversations “scrutinizing our university’s administration” which is 99% times not unreasonable. What’s the link here? Well in the above mentioned course we are actually trying to learn how to improve business or any other systems transforming them into a more efficient process. However, the point of this post is not to give a summary of what happens in my MIS course or to give a detailed account of how my university chooses to frustrate its paid captives. It’s a reflection that flashed through my mind in one of those moments when I am actually trying to concentrate on my course work which ends up in my sitting infront of my computer screen facebooking, tweeting & surfing side by side.

During one of the session we were discussing the hurdles that hinder the process of shifting a process onto new & up to date technology & one of the reasons which showed up was the behavioral aspect. According to which people resist change as they feel threatened of losing their power & nuisance value & above all the fact that they are comfortable in their old system no matter how tiring & useless it is. COMFORTABLE!!!!

This very word started acting as an irritant in my upper compartment. Living in a time when all we get to here on our good for nothing talk shows is urgency for change. Ironically people who are called upon to be the advocates of change seem to be so comfortable in their old positions & roles. So the time & again rant made by us in our discussion sessions which are the best time pass during power cuts of why we aren’t headed towards a change in system rather than further falling in the dreaded dark pit; I kindda found my answer.

But again pointing fingers is the easiest way out. So yes blame transferred that the same old brats sitting on our heads that’s the root cause of all our problems, case closed. Oh did someone just point that same good ol’ finger at us? Who’s been comfortable with the same old brats, labeling them as champions forgetting that they have been disgraced before too many times to be given yet another chance. Still trying to re-direct the good ol’ finger? Agreed that there are powers that play a pivotal role in this entire decision making but they do it with our support so let’s stop re-directing the finger as it is bound to one day gets its directions without fumbling.

So when we rant about the people who are only bound to opt for slogan morging as far as change management is concerned, we forget that they are able to achieve their goals because we are ready to buy their crap in the same old packaging time & again. Therefore, what makes us think that they’ll change; they won’t because we are not interested in breaking out of this vicious cycle.

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