Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our love affair with medicine & engineering

This is no secret that to date majority of the children are given two choices as to what they can do with their lives, A) they can become a doctor B) if math comes easy to them they can become engineer. The C, D & E options can only be looked at if the first two are failed at miserably & by no means(legal & illegal) can one be pushed in those gates.

Here the preference of quantity over quality has far exceeded the breaking point. The ever increasing number of private medical schools just in Punjab should serve as an eye opener. There fee structure is yet another debate.

The question marks are that if we have this huge number of doctors then why parts of our country still deprived of even the very basic medical facilities. Yet the number of private clinics & hospitals are on the rise & not to forget the ever increasing issues of ethics in the profession.

I am not against the profession in any manner, the point I want to make is that it is high time that we start creating a balance in this case. This country is in need of IT professionals, business managers, economists, writers etc as much as it needs doctors & engineers. High time the institutes stop propagating the age old idea & show some proactivity by breaking away from this clinched concept.

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