Monday, March 1, 2010

Protest outside Lahore Press Club for Protecting Gojal

Gojal (part of Gilgit) is threatened by heavy flooding & several villages have already been swiped out.The government, as usual has done nothing to curb the situation. Following are the pictures of the protest outside Lahore Press Club to pressurize the government to take the appropriate steps.

Those interested to know about the details of the areas:

It's high time that practical steps are taken to preserve our assets & our northern areas form a major portion of it. High time they get their share of rights & protection that the job of those claiming to be elected representatives.

Credit for pictures: Nisar Ahmed IRC co-ordinator film & TV department.


  1. question: why should the govt do everything? if the govt is as bad as you say it is, why don't you take a step and do something rather than sitting back and pointing fingers at who should do what?

  2. answer: the govt should not do everything & nobody will expect this from them if they atleast do the basics of what is expected of them. I do have a right to point fingers & ask questions as I don't eat up taxes. If you'll look around people are privately operating social services programs & not the govt. If the govt is just there to sit or benefit only their loyalist, there is then no need for them.

  3. Hello Mr umair... a very brillliant question indeed... The river Hunza got blocked on Jan 4th, blocking with it the KKH (through which 90 % of Pak China trade is done)... 25ooo people are currently suffering from the disaster, no wonders how many will suffer once the down streaming of the "dam" starts. Furthermore, villages are drawning each pasing moment and the government has nither declared it a disaster hit area, nor did it accept the international support offered by Japan & a disaster managment organization.It is not just a question of 1 village or few people, it is the question of the region Gilgit Baltistan (a loyal region), the economy of The Country, and the 1000's of people living there.Furthermore, the protest answers your question... yes we are trying to do something, to get the attention of international community. I was very surprised on the way our media gave coverage to an event in which 3 kids burnt their house and ran away... but the stratigically important region is drawning and no mention any where.It was to give the background information and the facts to you. It wasnt 'pointing finger' but appeal from the many 'bounded'youth away from their home, seeing it drawning.