Thursday, January 14, 2010

Global Survivors Network

Yesterday we had invited Mr. Tahir W. Malik (Global Survivors Network), for a talk on how can the youth contribute towards the victims of terrorism, like they did in case of the 2005 earthquake or the IDPs to our University. Won’t go into each & every detail of what he said; will stick to a brief outline.

In his talk Mr Tahir didn’t even touched the aspects which we all love to discuss, the minute we come across the word Terrorism, the blame game, the roots of it, how to stop it, where to stop it blah blah blah; long story cut short we didn’t have a live session of some talk show that eats out our brains. What we did come across was something that I personally have actually not given some real thought or seen or heard people ponder over in their drawings rooms or whatever place they love to indulge in political intellectualism because they have nothing better to do.

The crux was: HOW TO HELP THE SURVIVORS? These are not the sort of victims & survivors for whom we need to collect donations (or even if we do, that is not their primary issue). So the question still hangs on, let’s phrase it in a different manner, WHAT SORT OF HELP THESE PEOPLE NEED? The answer is SUPPORT. Another question arises WHAT KIND OF SUPPORT? The answer to this came from Mr. Tahir’s talk. Base line of which is that to let the other person know you really feel about their loss, to be ready to listen to what they want to vent out, to give them a comfort zone where they don’t have to be careful with their words & most of all their emotions.

Emotional help is the only front we can help; rest is now getting out of our hands. For all the optimism in the world at one side, it is time to go for a bit of reality check. At this point in time we are not in a position to point our finger at one particular source, to make them accountable for all this craziness around us. Some are pointing the religious extremist, some the extreme leftist, some shift the blame to the economic factors, some to the political corruption. Each & everyone of these is judging on a bias. And also this is a debate which can go on forever.

Death is never entirely comprehendible to the human mind. We learn to come to terms with it with the passage of time. The form of death we are coming across is something one can’t come to terms with & my personal take on this is, we SHOULD NOT come to terms with it. Because it’s not normal & our desensitization towards this will, with time give the license of normality. And as society is a molding structure we might end up making this a norm & for this history will never forgive us. For this we need to come together. And coming together is the founding idea behind the Global Survivors Network, to come together & support each other.

The present times we are living through, we can’t just look at things from just one angle; we can’t afford to do that. So while we are trying to figure out ways how to handle the issue of terrorism in itself, let’s not limit our efforts for the victims & survivors of this insanity to few minutes of remembrance & candle vigils.

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  1. It is a wonderful group and a different initiative.

  2. hey fatima - did not know you had commented on my talk so long back, so much for our interactions during the year :-p
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