Friday, December 25, 2009

The Role of Education in the present Times

“Education plays a vital role in every aspect of one’s lives, so we should give our hundred percent to it & not waste our time in useless activities”. Sound familiar? I can’t imagine if anyone comes up & says nope, they weren’t inoculated with this statement. Most of us spend a large portion of our lives acquiring academic excellence so that we end up in jobs which in return provide us with our standard of living which takes a step up the ladder the minute we reach the one below it. There’s a cut throat competition & Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest best suits the explanation of all the fast & furious lives we all are living. And being equipped with the best education is a key tool in one’s survival in this system.

So if we just give a glance to our definition of education, it centers on academics. The grades you score by being drowned in the text books etcetera etcetera. Who’s to be blamed then when education is not producing the results it should? We have our basics set up in the wrong foundation. When we refer to education majority of us don’t even have the mental grooming of an individual at the back of our minds. We are referring to the superficial success of that individual.

Though the literacy rate is on the rise on an average but what good has that done? An educated society should have put an end to the double standards which formulates the roots of most of the issues the world in general & our country specifically suffers from. The irony here is that even the educational system is not cured from the double standards. In every country there exists schools which have a higher standard of education & then there are institutes which are not up to the mark; & mostly people who can’t afford to send their children to good schools end up sending their children to these lower quality schools. So in this way from the start of one’s life foundation of double standards, discrimination etc are laid in individuals who’ll be forming a society & integrate in them these qualities which were grinded in them from the very start.

No doubt the globalized education system is breeding top notch professional but this system is eating up the humans inside these professional. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being ambitions & competitive but when the rule of “everything is fair in love & war” is applied everywhere, the results are the surrounding we are living in. Our current system is promoting individualism to such an extent that people have started hurting the society to fulfill their personal goals. Under such circumstances people are ready to relocate, even denounce their nationality if it is creating even the slightest hindrance in their path, taking refuge in the increasing stance that the world is a global village. If so then why can’t these very same people stop stereotyping people of a specific state or religion if really we are following the path of globalization.

To this date, where we claim that we are the most civilized, highly educated lot we still haven’t agreed to disagree. Followers of each separate ideology consider it to be the best & want to impose it on the rest of the world. And for that all means become fair. Be it manipulating a country’s political system or waging a war based on false accusation. All this being not just conducted by the most educated lot but also supported by the educated class around the globe. To satisfy our conscience we do tend o wage verbal protest by using unpractical means. We have organizations whose mandate is to monitor peace & to keep a check on the ambitions of states. However, they have failed to do so.

We haven’t used our education for radiating a positive impact. The issues which should have our utmost attention are the last on our list. We haven’t shown any progress on the increasing environmental issues at the level which is the need of the hour. Intolerance exists. There are so many imbalances on this planet. At one side we have such rich countries that cannot even imagine any scarcity; they exercise immense power around the globe. And then there is this other extreme where people die of ailments which aren’t even considered issues in the other parts. This imbalance results in the rise up of resistance which takes up the ugly looks of terrorism. Individual we term as terrorist aren’t necessarily following an ideology, their economic conditions play a vital role in their changing camps. We have the history of Afghanistan to prove this point. The core bodies of extremist organizations are present where the state should have been playing a role. Malcolm X is another perfect example. A product of an unequal, unjust & dual faced system, which produced such hatred in him & his initial mentor Eljha Muhammad was able to spun him in his camp by hitting on the right spot.

It might burst our bubble, but the reality is that our current educational system is not at all playing its due role. Revisiting the system is the dire need of the time. Though used inappropriately educational system if used properly, it can play a very positive & healing role to our global village.

First published in: Pro-Pakistan

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