Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another year goes by & another is on its way

It’s yet again time when people will be making new resolutions so that they can be broken even before January ends. Knowing myself I have stopped following this ritual for a couple of years now. And guess what it helped because the burden of guilt is lighter.

As the year 2009 ends its at least time for reflection. This ritual will help those who are still keen on resolutions & even for the likes of me, because at least it outlines for you to some extent the dos & don’ts for the next year.

My reflection left me quite depressed. Last year goes down in my memory lane as one of the worst years of my life; & my guess is history is not going to categorize it any different. I can’t give an outline of my individual self & the picture around me separately. Both of them I found being integrated to the core. A realization that hit me hard, even though being extensively discussed in my sociology courses. And I felt like joining the camp of those sociologists who give maximum weightage to the society’s role in the life of an individual.

Things happening around us from the recession to the political atmosphere changed the outlook of people’s take on LIFE & what they want out of it. Uncertainty is a term even a kindergartener can spell now. And the thing that is bugging me the most is that none of is planning to ask “What did we do wrong”. This is not just the case of our politicians (for whom hopeless is an understatement now) but even at individual level, our family level etc. we are moving at such a fast pace that we don’t even have time to stop or even slow down & just see what our pace has done, not just for the present but the future as well. Being a business student we are always taught to look at situations from both a short-term & long-term perspective. While in discussions, case studies etc we always mark the long term benefits as the more suitable, but when it comes to real life practice, we leave behind our lessons in the class room, why? I still haven’t found an answer to this.

Another dark spot this year carries is the desensitization of the loss of life. Yes, we still feel low when some maniac decides to take a direct flight to the heaven (which lands on the opposite turf for sure) but compare our present reaction to when all this was not to frequent. One such incident would in the past radiate its impact; you could feel it in the air. My mother, who’s an anatomist for the past 25 years couldn’t sleep for days. Now, the death toll is just becoming a figure for everyone. I feel if we individuals don’t take back the control over the society & instead tell it keep monitoring us, we’ll never get out of this web, which to some extent we too have contributed in.

And yes individuals do have the capability of doing this. I have experienced it. If 2009 will ever make me smile, it will be because of this single contribution that it brought to my life. I landed up in a friendship bond with Karishma from across the border, a country with which my land has never maintained a permanent good relation & currently the situation is nowhere close to getting better. Our bond strengthened under the circumstances when our politicians were having a tough time even shaking hands & smiling for the press; something they are a master of. That’s when the power of individuals struck me. Both of us don’t agree on everything & no one can challenge our love for our respective motherlands, but still we have a blast together & thank our lucky stars for our chance encounter. Infact our encounter too is based on agreeing with the ideas of an individual (Fatima Bhutto). With setting our base on this, we have grown to the point where we plan to make our contribution (even though quite small an effort compared to the vastness of the issue at hand) to show that regaining sanity might not be that difficult.

My personal experience pulled me back to the camp of that ideology of sociologist who are of the view point that individuals form the society, therefore have the power to control it & change it. Basing our quantity on quality is going to be the key for the change we are looking for.

Hoping, that 2010 goes down my memory lane with the tag line, “When it changed for the better”.


  1. It is a wonderful post, echoes my sentiments. I too never believed in the power of a single individual changing the world, for a long time. But time taught me it does matter. And 2009, in the form of you once again reiterated that theory quite solidly. When you can respect another person's opinion and give them the freedom to not agree with your own, I guess that elusive peace the world is so seeking, is really not that elusive. I hope our friendship will prove to be an example on that front. A lovely 2010, and I hope too, it carries with itself the tag 'The year when things changed for the better'

  2. Do you really think a socialist economy would work better?I mean those people who buy a "direct ticket to heaven" would still be doing that no?

  3. @SabaNope I don't think so, infact as far as my understanding goes the blend of both the system is required. & as far as the seekers of a "direct ticket to heaven" are concerned ecnomic factor is an issue but don't you think other factors like, dirty politics etc also play a part?