Monday, November 30, 2009

Minarets are Banned in Switzerland

So finally the Swiss decision came up of banning the minarets. A blunt act of discrimination which is being defened by hiding behind a referendum & sugar coating it in the name of a debate. An architectural religious symbol being defined as a political symbol, while those it belongs to reject this definition. Why only limited to the minarets the? What about the symbols of other religions? When are they gonna be banned in the name of politics? Well guess its time for me to get out of my day dreaming.

On a second thought isn't this pointing towards a fact that Islamophobia is a political stunt rather than an ideology of Islam; something even a COMMON MAN has been declaring at the top of his voice. It took a lot of years & destruction for a Sectary of State of USA to admit the blunder her government committed with regards to Afghanistan; so admitting this foul play will take a lot more years as well. In the meanwhile discrete discrimination will rule.

Where is this global village headed?,0,5417813.story


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  2. I was soo amazed to read about this... I mean why would anyone want to ban a symbol which distinguishes a Muslim's place from Jewish or Christian... It would be like a Hindu Mandir without the bell and a christian church without a cross.I felt extremely bad about this especially after reading this blog. mean Switzerland is a neutral country and that's banning this, so what would a country with no liking for Muslims would do? It really is something to ponder upon.