Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Madness Continues!!!!

The chaos & uncertainty that has become the global phenomena has shown its ugliest form in my country. We have been standing in the front lines since this war on terror started & still the rest of the world is not satisfied & wants more from us. But i guess that they themselves don't know what is it that they want under the notion of MORE or they pretend that they themselves have no role to play.

Who are these species(human beings is wrong terminology for them), for whom the biggest gift of the All Might has no value? But then again is this not something that we have been asking from the day one all this started? Only questions are being asked no one is trying to come up with any answers. Specially those who are elected to answer such questions are the most clueless beings.

From a personal view point this situation is reminding me of the incidents that I have heard from my parents who had lived through Zia's regime. When their institutes were shut down, when the youth of that time turned towards the drug mafia to vent out their frustration, a time when they were left clue less as what to do with their lives, when a batch with under normal conditions would have graduated from medical school in five years took seven years; all thanks to the political instability of that time.

The present situation might not be that bleak(just one week) but isn't it just the start? When are we gonna learn from our history?

We can conduct as many operation as we like & kill as many terrorist as we like but until & unless the people who train these kids(majority of the suicide bombers are teenagers or in their early 20s) we are landing nowhere. And ha anyone of us though about the roles played by economic factors here. No agenda, no ethics have any value when you & your family is suffering even for the basic needs. Something a few of us take for granted.

During the earthquake of 2005, we saw the absence of the State, in Afghanistan it was the absence of the State which brought the Taliban the support among the masses that they have. So who's to blame?

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