Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Customer is ALWAYS Right!!!

"The Customer is Always Right" is the first phrase taught to business students. And believe me it does not sounds that bad in the comfort zone of your classroom. However, the situation takes a 180 degree turn when it comes to good ol' real world.

My yesterday's experience at my internship made me curse the genius who added this phenomena in the phraseology.

When human beings become customers, they loose most of their rationality & tend to become those irritating kids who are just not satisfied no matter what you give to shut-up.

The bank where I am interning is centrally connect to Karachi as their server is installed there. Yesterday, due to some unknown reason the system was not working (unknown because the IT dept at the Karachi head office thought best not to attend their phone & share in the bashing). Also as it was the last date for submitting the gas bills & people tend to wait for the last moment to get the things done our branch was in chaos.

A few was the very frequently statements thrown at us were:

1- Thoada system hamesha he down honda aay (Ur system is always down)

2- Karachi walayn nu kayo apna server samandar vich sut dain (Ask ur Karachi office to throw their server in the sea)

3- Me Karachi jate he apne panchon accounts band karwa don ga, koi customer relations ka dahan nahe ha tum logon ko ( I'll close all my five accounts as soon as I reach Karachi, you guys have no sense of customer relations)

Our operations manager turned himself into a cashier, the PBAs (Personal Banking Advisers) were filling out the slips, the internees were running all over the place dividing their time between floor timing (the most pathetic work as this position was the most vulnerable for customers bashing), attending phone calls & standing in line with the customers bills & cheques who were not interested or too important to stand in line with others AND STILL WE HAVE NO IDEA OF CUSTOMER RELATIONS......

This world is definitely not a very fair place.

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