Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We Shall Live To See !

We shall live to see,
So it is written,
We shall live to see,
The day that’s been promised,
The day that’s been ordained;
The day when mountains of oppression,
Will blow up like wisps of cotton;
When the earth will dance
Beneath the feet of once enslaved;
And heavens will shake with thunder
Over the heads of tyrants;
And the idols in the House of God
Will be thrown out;
We the rejects of the earth,
Will be raised to a place of honour.
All crowns’ll be tossed in the air
All throwns’ll be smashed.
And God’s word will prevail,
He who is both present and absent
He who is beheld and is the beholder.
And truth shall ring in every ear,
Truth which is you and I,
We, the people will rule the earth
Which means you,which means I

Faiz Ahmed Faiz
January 1979

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