Friday, August 14, 2009


Having witnessed intense love for itself, the present ignorance is not acceptable. This widespread attitude is confusing & humiliating. In every love story the gorgeous beauty wants to be pampered & admired; if this demand goes unheard the lover suffers the consequences.

Now a days we all are cursing our beauty in one way or the other. For once, let’s change our lenses & look at the situation from the Pakistan’s perspective. Surviving the dark times on the energy imparted by the glorious memories, the country misses its true lovers. What an ideal love story it had experienced. Her admirers were ready to go to any length to get her & after the happy union every possible measure was adopted to protect it. In return our soil stayed loyal in all its capacity.

Fast forwarding the story lets look at the present scenario. 60 percent of the nationals’ aren’t really concerned what happens to this country. Out of the rest who claim to be all conscious people are only concerned to the level to which they are affected, beyond that who cares. How many of us are practically active about the situation in Bajur & other similar areas? None of us; we don’t care if a part of us is being striped off us. It’s because our intensity of love is vanishing day by day. Most of us are waiting for or struggling for an opportunity to get out of here because this land no more fulfills our desires. This implies to both the so called leaders & the citizens (of all classes). No one believes in the following statement of a leader of this nation:

“Courage is in our blood, we are the children of a rich heritage. We shall succeed”.

Moving on the path that we are currently following how can we even think that this soil should reward us with more and more resources to exploit? Haven’t we been fed enough? If you close your eyes & skim through your attitude’s history I believe that someone who has the slightest concisions won’t be able meet his/her own eyes in the mirror. We have been getting more than we deserve & still our complain cell sees no limits. There are countries whose deprivation level exceeds our wildest imagination & yet they are loyal to their countries & serve it in the best of their abilities. And what do we do? We are ever ready to serve other countries but when it comes to our own land we want to be served like kings. If I am exaggerating, would anyone like to explain that why people belonging to upper middle class of Pakistan are found happily working at petrol pumps in the western countries?

It’s never too late to start afresh and change the direction of our destiny. At the moment our gorgeous beauty is demanding that its lovers; Believe where others doubt; Work where others refuse; Save where others waste & Stay where others quit. We don’t have to become philosophers who only interpret the world in different ways instead we need to become agents of change which is the need of the hour. Depending on our rulers is not the right decision because none of them has learned to become our leaders & there is an immense difference between a ruler & a leader. The following quote of George Bernand Shaw in my view point clarifies this difference:

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were & ask why not?”

Criticizing others won’t bring us solutions. And why criticize others when deep down we know that one of the reasons that we don’t take an active part in this situation is to avoid others criticism. This is a human instinct which leads us away from our proud destination of success. There are two successful ways of living. One is that you take someone as your guide & follow in his/her footsteps or you yourself become the guide for others & lead the way. As we quite clearly know that for us the first option is almost non-existent hence we all need to be pro-active & take up the second, more difficult path of life. This is the only way we can survive, rekindle our love for Pakistan & prove that, courage is in our blood, we are the children of a rich heritage & we shall succeed.

P.S: Written 4 my University mag. (Folio)

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