Friday, August 28, 2009

Account # 420

Planning to major in marketing as I just can't stand numbers didn't made an impact on those who recruited me for internship as they placed me in a bank. However, by the end of my first week I have realised that accounting is not that boring as it seems in the four walls of the classroom.

However, this post has nothing to do with any further details of my love-hate relationship with the subject. It is about the extent to which people are still connected to the age old hysteria of superstition.

A man in his late 40, decently dressed up came up to the desk next to where I, along with another internee was totalling some amounts & my calculator was giving me a hell of a time. Suddenly our ears picked up the sound of our next seat neighbor getting all charged up for getting the operational code as 420 for his new account. And he wanted it immediately changed. As this was not possible according to the system protocol he decided to close the account (whose checkbook had not yet arrived) & open another account so that he can get rid of that number.

Apart from the momentary laugh that we all enjoyed due to that customer's reaction to a mere number it also made me think that what difference does education make in such type of matters? The gentlemen was an educated person & it made no difference to him. What's lacking in our system (& I mean apart from the ratafication system which makes the foundation of our educational boards).

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