Tuesday, August 11, 2009

14th Aug.


"The land of pure" where each day the sun rises with a new hope, with an enduring majesty as the rays of light flushing down towards the snow caped peaks of Himalaya's & Nanga parbat. A land where love finds a meaning in the heart warming hospitality of people.

A land where history & ancient civilization mystifies one's heart.

A land where spiritualism unveils its mystery at the shrines of sufi saints.

This will be the front of Islam.

This is the land I belong to,

This is the land I will die for &

This is the land that defines my identity.

As our Independence Day is on its way so the forwarded sms are all so full of optimism. Out of all those messages this one really touched me.

If we come to think of it, this completely defines our origin as a nation & what most of us believe in at bottom of our hearts. However, the reality checks give us a far different picture which cannot be AND should not be overlooked. But how to change this picture???

What most of us do is blame; something that our government is an expert. There are those who have lost hope & are leaving. Those who are left behind aren't interested in changing things around them & are by now I guess completed tuned to just adjust with the way things are.

If we desire to see a change, we better start taking the initial steps now because this mess cannot be cleared is a short span of time.

God Bless Pakistan.

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