Wednesday, June 10, 2009

President Jimmy Carter

Rotman School of Management's magazine (Spring 2009) published an interview with Jimmy Carter basically revolving around their edition's theme; Staying Power. I'll quote the last question & lets hope that the right people are listening.

Q-Looking around at the world today,what gives you the most hope?
A- I would have to say it is the restoration of America as a super power, in many aspects of that word. At the moment, we are still a superpower militarily, since our military budget equals the combined budget of all other nations on earth; & despite current troubles,we still have a powerful economic machine. But I would hope & expect that in the future, we will once again be seen as the champions of peace in the world. My goal would be for any nation on earth that had a problem to naturally say, "Why don't we go to Washington to settle this, because the United States is the champion of peace, or the world's leader in human rights, or because that greatest nation leads the world in protecting the environment & combating global warming". These are the kinds of things that I hope & pray will occur in the future. This would make us a superpower in every aspect of the word: for peace, for democracy, for freedom,for protecting the environment, for alleviating suffering & for championing human rights.

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