Monday, May 18, 2009

Political Globalization

This is the conclusion part of my final project for my Sociology 150 course:Sociology & Globalization. My specific topic was "Political Globalization".

Politics forms the roots of every aspect of our lives in this age of globalization. Extensively cross knitted with economy, politics is able to influence all other areas from cultural, environmental to even the most personal decisions that we make now a days. Therefore, whenever we analyze an event we should first & foremost try to see the hidden political engineering behind it.

Looking back in history we will be able to the pattern of power accumulation. In the early years of civilization when the Kings used to rule, historians narrate that the adjacent areas were taken over by force. The reason behind such occupation was to attain power over other areas so that the resources of that region could be utilized for the Monarch’s own use. The main purpose behind wars in those times was that of accumulation of resources.

Times might have changed but this desire of resources remains the same. However, today the decision of going to war is not that easy due to the presence of the nuclear weapons. Thus, the new way of acquiring resources is trough the control of economy with the help of political manipulation.

Capitalism is the driving force behind globalization, as capitalist are the ones who benefit from the growing globalization. Through the increase of globalization capitalist get access to bigger markets for their products. The incorporation of the ideology of capitalism in the masses has overpowered their loyalty towards their independent countries. Now everything has been commodified; i.e. purchasable through cash. To the extent, that man power has also been labeled under this title.

The modern world is divided into three parts:
• Core States
• Semi-peripheral States
• Peripheral States

The core states comprise of 20% of the world population but control & utilize 80% of the resources while the peripheral states which comprise almost 80% of the world population get only around 20% of the resources & most of the time even less. Semi-peripheral states on the other hand are assisting the core states in their illegal pursuits with the intention of getting a share in the prize.

These core states in order to maintain their control have founded organizations as UNO, World Bank. IMF, etc. These organizations encourage the ideas of soft borders & one world government. If such measures are implemented (which is the biggest agenda with the core states & their dummy organizations) will only be benefiting the multinationals which will indirectly take their profits to the banks of the core states whose economy will flourish.

Living in developing countries we assume that all the people living in the core stats have quite comfortable lives. However, the reality is not that sweet. The multinationals look for cheap labor therefore they offer jobs to the developing nations. Although this brings investment to the countries in the long run the benefits are minimal if any. Secondly if we are offered jobs because of cheap labor rates that means that some one in the core state has lost his/her job & is not able to afford the necessities of life. This is the reason that we saw those massive protests during the G-20 summit.

The country & the common people are the victims of the decisions of the investors. Another example we have is the backing out of the Nike Company from Pakistan with the lame excuse of child labor. The reality is that now China offers much cheaper labor therefore they shifted their contract to China. However, the irony here is that the company which was dealing with this specific order in Pakistan still has that contract as the company in China also belongs to the same owner. These are the miracles of globalization.

When the economy of a country is being controlled the rest follow suit which explains the rapid estrangement of the locals from their own culture & adaptation of a culture which is turning into a universal one. Being a business student my self, in our marketing course we were taught that now the youth all over the world follow the same culture & norms hence to target them with a product does not require the differentiation of cultures.

The present hue & cry over the increasing terrorism is also part of the bigger political game. If we scan these situations we will come to the ultimate conclusion that all this is to cover up for the under lying issue of resources. These terrorists are the creation of the agencies of USA & Pakistan when the whole world united against Russia. They were claiming that they are the ambassadors of freedom & want to help get Afghanistan their freedom. However, the real issue was that the capitalists wanted to crush the socialist. Then if you consider the case of Iraq; oil reserves was the reason for its targeting. These ambassadors of human rights were the cause of the death of 20 lakh children because they were not allowed to purchase medicines.

African countries are being exploited not just for their resources but also for experimentation purposes. Pharmaceutical companies use Africans as genie pigs for their drugs. The so called aid sent to them is nothing but a pack of lies as most of the medicines sent there are expired. This topic was profoundly depicted in the movie “The Constant Gardner”.

This much gap in the living standards will eventually give rise to extensive revolting from the deprived people or countries. Examples, of which we see now a days, in the form of increased rate of violence. It is no secrete that anti- American sentiments are on the rise especially in the Muslim countries as Americans are on the forefront in creating a stereotyped image of Muslims.

Globalization has created many benefits but the hard reality is that those benefits are limited to only a very few percentage of the people. The living standards of a limited number has improved. With the passage of time the middle class is vanishing & when only two extreme cases will be left i.e. the upper & lower class, a fierce clash will be inevitable.

People react differently to different statements regarding globalization. Likewise, this talk about improved status of women looks great in theory; e.g. the Beijing declaration. The realty remains that women still don’t have equal rights. All over the globe women are paid less as compared to men for the same jobs. Discrimination in the work place is quite prevalent.

Globalization has positively impacted the lives due to the improvement in technology but as far as politics is concerned the overall impacts are anything but positive.

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