Thursday, May 7, 2009

PM's Address

The address of Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani at 11pm tonight was highly unimpressive. He just failed to either console the nation or arouse even the slightest form of hope. Hail (read shame) to our leadership. With each passing day our State is falling low on the scale of the failed States & I fear that a unique measure will be designed only for our land of Pure.

When are we going to demand for solution from these people & not just be satisfied with their pointless sugar coated pep talk?

All the PM stated were the obvious that most of us(with the exception of those who have decided to close their eyes & claim that everything's going to be fine) are already overloaded with courtesy the new freedom of media.

Are they waiting for someone from the Heavens to come & present these fools with the solutions?

They claim that its easy to comment & quite the opposite when it comes to the real world...AGREED. but then if they are not capable of handling such situations why don't they voluntarily step down & clean up the system so that people who can qualify & are ready to face the hot waters can move up the ladder; instead of their own pampered offsprings who get to attend high profile meetings during their teenage or show-off their daddy's ruling territory to their "gora" friends.

We are loosing the slightest shreds of hope left in us for any betterment....

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