Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Living in a separate WORLD of LIES

Here's the link of Fatima Bhutto's latest article:

Apart from the fact that I am in 100% agreement with her analysis, the thing that most stunned me in this post were the comments made by different readers.

As they haven't used their original names, their exact identities(meaning the country they belong to) can not be determined. However, the content of some of the comments shows that they belong to the people living in complete ignorant atmosphere of their supper power countries.

For example:

The US will stop spoiling Pakistan if Pakistan stops blaming the US for its own corruption, violence, and ineptitude.

While I'm not defending the current policy.... without any plans or recommendations for alternative policies, this just comes across as whiny. Or if there shouldn't be a policy, you need to make a convincing argument that the government will be able to hold without US support/subsidies

Screw Pakistan and the rest of the Middle East, get the US out of the Middle East and let them kill each other. The definition of insanity is to continue beating your head against a wall and expecting a different result. The Middle East will always be a endless mess no matter how much money or bullets we give them. Stop the insanity, save our money and good bullets, they are not worth it

I mean has this fast exchange of knowledge been a phenomena applied only to us???? Or the ruling class of these countries so easily able to fool their people????

People of these power hunger countries think that their governments are doing all this for the GREATER GOOD....& who's gonna tell these nut heads about the benefits that they get. What about the reality check that the whole world is suffering so that these people can have their artificial standard of living????What about the oil supplies & the rest of the resources which are the under-hand causes of this present chaos???

A lot of question marks....

AND the biggest JOKE...they don't know our country's exact location on the map......Pakistan in Middle East?????The biggest WTF moment of the day.

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