Thursday, May 28, 2009

LAHORE BLASTS!!!!!!! 27/05/2009

Yesterday Lahore was hit again. By this time everyone would be knowing the facts & figures about it. My idea of this post is not to add to the already long list of statistics. I want to share my personal observation of that day which is based on two poles apart reactions.

My day started of with a hectic schedule as the last week of my semester is on. Around 10:15am sittting in an empty class room(turned common room), the door suddenly burst open & the windows started rattling. This continued for around 35secs. One of my friends responded by saying "Zalzala aya ha" (Is it an earthquake) & we all gave the most weird looks that we could muster. And as soon as we had slummed back into our world of laptops & group studies the phones started ringing one by one with the news of the real world. ,

However, the mood of the room wasn't affected much. Some of the spontaneous reactions were:

1- "Oh..."

2-"Kahan pe huwa"

3-"Kitne loog mare?"

4-"Chalo jee, yeh kam phr se suru ho gaya"

AND then we were back in r own worlds.

My mother is a doctor & works in Fatima Jinnah Medical College which is quite near the location of the blast & was also affected(this I came to know after I came home)

The first slight realization I had of the situation was when some of my relatives called me, worried about my mom as they were not able to get her on her cell-phone. Getting worried I too started trying her cell but to the same result. I was calmed down by my father's call informing that all was well concerning my mother.

Being an Anatomist my & going through similar situations(FIA blast, 5th Oct. 2005) she is able to handle t1he stress attached with such calamity. This time around SHE out of all the people was shaken to the core. Her narration of the situation made me feel ashamed of our reaction.

We are now no more bothered until & unless it effects us. Aren't we ourselves helping the preparators of this chaos achieve what they want? ,This desensitization of our Nation is Insanity.

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