Thursday, April 30, 2009

The origin of our POLITICAL training

Today through a personal experience I understood why our political system is over flowing with people who are complete useless crap. Its a training scribbled in our veins during the undergrad years which are basically the last grooming years in one's life.

Belonging to a university which has a history of producing politicians including Mushy, Cycle Elahi (the Chaudery cousins) etc & mind you that some more to be head aches for our country are in making.

The point of this post is not to wag on someone's victory but instead to wag on the hard fact that on one end we howl that our govt. should be strengthen the institutions of our country while on the other side we aren't groomed enough to even run a club based on social service without dirty street politics. And will go to any extremes to create hurdles in the establishment of a unit at such a small scale if personal benefits are not fulfilled.

So for those poor chaps who are looking for a brighter & enlightened future I will only suggest go find some place else.

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