Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nelson Mandela vs Asif Ali Zardari

It's hilarious that someone would want to term Asif Ali Zardari, NELSON MANDELA of Pakistan. He's not even equal to the dust of Mandela's shoes. Those who are responsible for this blunder, I guess just compared the number of years both of them were in prison but then in this case there is a marked difference. Zardari served 11 years & that too for the crimes he committed, though nobody in his camp accepts it, while Mr. Mandela was punished for his ideology by the oppressors of his country for 27 years.

Also, from behind the bars Nelson Mandela was able to keep alive the movement the Africans had started for their rights. He not only kept on with his studies but was an inspiration for the other prisoners to pursue with their education. On the other hand Zardari was just the burden on the party his wife was trying to run.

So how come anyone under the influence of sanity even consider these two men even slightly similar?


  1. Such an immature talk. These talks should be done only between Adults.

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