Monday, April 13, 2009

Irritation to the CORE

As if the fake accents of the VJs was not enough. To add to this misery, ZONG (the most failed telco in my viewpoint) planned to torment the listeners by its latest jingle. Don't know from where they got the money to get this huge chunk of the air time on the FM, be it 89,91 or 106.2.

For the last week there was some problem with my mp4 so I had to rely on the above mentioned three stations for my travel time(to & from my university) & my walk sessions during load shedding hours. It was outright irritating, after every 2 to 3min (believe me I am not stretching) their jingle would be played. Although I am a person who can listen to a song a 100 times over n over again but even I just lost it.

Their marketing team needs to get kicked out.

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