Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yes We Can????

Around the globe people followed the presidential elections of the United States of America. The basic reason was that they dominate the globe & what ever happens there affects everyone.

Especially this time around majority of the people all over were very much eager to get rid of the Bush administration (who has created havoc on planet earth). So to me it was obvious that The Republicans were not going to the White House this time. Also, Obama's views seemed positive & encouraging.

My hope in Obama further strengthened after I read his biography "Dreams from my father". The book is simply written & covey's his genuine self. His struggle for self identification reflects that he can relate to the common man. This is very important factor of his persona as most of the ruling elite can not claim this factor of recognition. The politicians belong to the elite of the society is not just happening in our poor country but everywhere else the situation is the same. Even the land of promises (USA) also suffers from this very plague.

Another fact that is prominent from his book is that in America too the gap between different classes has never been thining. There too people belonging from the lower middle class are being ignored by the government & treated as second rated people. And if someone from this category is able to break the barriers & reach the top, he or she is never found looking back.

Hmmm…NEVER LOOKING BACK!!! Is this the path that Obama is going to take & disappoint not just the masses of the United States of America but the whole world? Answer to this question has yet to come but our hopes need actions. Extending the tenure of Richard Boucher, hoping to get some advice from ex-occupants of the White House (Bush Sr. & Jr. included), no concrete reaction on Israel's violations not even verbal. All this somewhat made me rethink about my optimistic approach. Reflection of those debates with others who stated that nothing is going to improve, just like no change took place after the so called revolutionary 18th Feb. 08 elections back home have started haunting me.

However, I still want to clinch to my rope of optimism. I don't want the new king maker to disappoint us all, to drift away from his initial goals as an organizer. But there are a lot of Ifs standing in the way.

Hoping to be proved wrong!!!!

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