Thursday, January 22, 2009

World of lossers

"In war there are no winners, either dead martyrs or surviving losers."

The above mentioned quote was posed as a question on facebook via The thought of the day(mickey). While I voted in agreement to this statement I wondered why the big heads of our world can't grasp this simple idea. This is the very thing that our history has taught us & yet we fail to learn from it & instead are determined to repeat it over n over again.

If we refuse to take a lesson from history(as its always boring) lets try to prove our smartness & gather results from our present surroundings. As I write this & while you read this sitting in front of your PCs in a cosy environment, hell is being experienced by millions of humans. Take the example of Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq & the tribal areas of my own country(Pakistan).

Its been ages that we have been witnessing these atrocities happening in Kashmir & Palestine. No one gave a second thought to it before adding the names of Afghanistan, Iraq & FATA(Pakistan) to this list. The question is WHAT SOLUTIONS HAVE BEEN GATHERED FROM THESE WARS? As far as I am concerned the answer is none. Instead we have brought on ourselves more complications. In this age of globalization its not just the better communication & cultural interactions that we share, we have to share the consequences of these dreadful decisions as well.

Another such quote that I received from the same source was:

"Should human beings be allowed to use other animals as objects of sport and entertainment?"

The reason that I have linked this quote here is that if we can ask such questions can't we ask that should humans be allowed to use other humans as objects of utility? As this is exactly what happens to the people of those countries who are facing first hand war. After the World War, United Nations was formed to prevent future wars as the world realised that the wars are no solution to problems. So where is this UNO & what is this body doing to prevent wars? If the super powers are not to heed to the resolutions of this body & are not going to be questioned about there violations how can this mess be soughed out?

By not putting an end to all this we are breeding hatrd among the next generation & the whole concept of globalizations is going to be nullified. We have talked enough now lets start doing something practical before the whole world ends up as LOOSERS!!!!!

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