Saturday, January 10, 2009

Man is not his own Worst Enemy

“Look for strength in people, not weakness, good, not evil and most of us will find what we are search for”.

How can man be his own worst enemy, when we know that it is man who has been a great inspiration for his fellow beings. God has sent his messages through man. Jesus was a man, Mosses was a man, David was a man and above all our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was a man, and he was sent by God as a guide for all mankind. He brought peace to this world and reduced the chaos.

Man is made by his beliefs, what he believes is what he is. There is more good in this world than bad. Once Confucious said:

“When we see men of worth, we should think of becoming like them; when we see men of contrary character, we should turn inward and examine ourselves”.

Searching around us we will find great human beings working for the benefit of others and they do not demand anything in return. We have the example of Mother Teresa, Lady Diana, Edhi and many more selfless people who devoted their lives for others.Are they the enemies of men?There are doctors, nurses and religious teachers who are working day and night for mankind, trying to bring peace to this world, to spread love and tranquility.

Let us for a moment not think about the great medical progress that man has made to reduce the misery and pain that human beings once suffered. Let us forget the life saving drugs and comfort provided in hospitals.For a moment let us concentrate on one tiny pill- a disprin, which relives a splitting headache.If you have suffered from migraine you would know how devastating it is.

Few years ago, out of eight babies seven used to die before reaching their first birthday. Maximum life span was thirty years. But now the situation has been changed by this so called enemy of man and now it is said that the normal life span is sixty years.

Can we ever forget the services rendered by the writers? When you read the Shakespeare you are filled with ecstasy. Through ages great poets like Iqbal and Ghalib have brought such happiness to mankind that we can’t thank them enough. These great poets have helped in stirring the emotions of humanity and made them aware of an existence that is much higher than that of animals.

Man creates beauty; he creates music that serves as food for the soul. He gives us pleasure and peace. Would any enemy of mankind have such sensitivity?My opponents will defiantly talk about the creation of nuclear bombs and the hazards created by them. Someone once said:

“Sow good service, sweet remembrance will grow from them”.

I am aware that there are some black sheep, some devils among us but we can’t condemn the whole humanity for the sins of the few.Let us face it; most catastrophes are God sent & not man made. We talk about nuclear bombs; but what about the bombs sent down by God? What about the earthquake that killed little babies & school going children. Thousands perished & millions are still in pain; who is helping them? It is the volunteers from collages and universities who are serving in those areas; they are being indifferent to their careers. Some people have said that they will return home in April, after spending the winters with the victims. And I can assure you Sir! That winters of Himalayas are excruciating.What about the financial help rendered by the people? Above all what about those who lost their loved ones but without giving heed to their grief they volunteered to help in whatever they could. Doctors and soldiers served and are still serving in areas where destruction prevails.

We all saw that the world came together irrespective of state and religion and did their maximum best to help the needy. We attracted global attention and global help. Seeing this sort of response to these incidences we are bound to believe that after these natural catastrophes are sent, it is man who sweeps the dust and picks up the pieces afterwards.Shakespeare said:

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”.

The day evil starts to dominate the good, will be the day this world will end and then my worthy opponents can say that man was his own worst enemy. But as I see this world there is more good, compassion, love and devotion that keeps this world going and despite my opponents; good will continue to dominate.The day we stop thinking positively and accept the proposition, will be the day when man will become his own worst enemy.

This artical I wrote for my university's(Forman Christine College)magazine named Folio(edition 2008). I still want to clinch to my words but it seems that I am loseing my grip; waiting for a mirical!!!

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