Friday, December 5, 2008

Eye Opener

The following two articles,one by Anjum Niaz & the other by Misbah Saadat, published in The Dawn last Sunday reflected our pathetic situation.

According to what Anjum has written the bombings that Pakistan is suffering in our tribal areas & now in some of our main cities as well, the people doing so don't even have to be physically present in those jets. The new invention of our super powers MQ-9 makes it way too easy for them. The headquarters of this deadly new techno toy is in the sin city, Vegas(as the old blabbing goes WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS). Sitting in front of their numerous screens(having a hamburger in their other hand), radars tell them who the terrorists are(glowing images due to body heat emission). WOW!!! isn't this the best way to identify TERRORISTS?(in short there is no distinction, its just the number game, even a newborn present in an area considered to have terrorist presence will also be considered a terrorist).Well I guess this is the best distinguishing ability we can accept from those sitting & targeting from such a far oops I mean close angle.

Misbah Saadat narrated her personal experience with an insurance company where she had applied for a life insurance after the birth of her twins, in the States. After completing all the formalities her application was rejected by the their board on the pretext that she had stated in her form that she was planning to visit Pakistan within 2 months. According to the explanation given by the agent of the company,the board felt that if they approved her insurance they would be signing a deal which is bound to bring them a loss as there are 90% chances that she would not be coming back alive.

I though we were friends with the government of the United States. Well I guess now a days as everything has changed around us due to the boom of technology the definition of F.R.I.E.N.D.S has also taken up a new meaning. Need to look it up in the latest edition of a DICTIONARY.

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