Thursday, November 20, 2008

Team Work!!!!

My so far deeper understanding about marketing has taught me that its success depends a great deal on team work. Every marketing success has a strongly co-ordinated team at its base. Also now days as companies are more & more working on the formula of decentralization, teamwork skills should be an essential part of our training.

Unfortunately the dilemma of our country is that we lack in team work. On 19/11/2008 Ahsan Iqbal(ex-education minister) was invited to the college by the Rotaract Club to give a lecture on the educational issues of Pakistan. He quoted an incident that some American national once asked him that why is it that Pakistanis who as individuals are second to none in any field turn a situation in a trouble when two of them come together, a crises when three of them are put together & a disaster when four of them are together????

I think that its high time that we all take view of other about us quite seriously!!!

As marketing is a team work & we Pakistanis are not at all good at it, my viewpoint is that this is also one of the reasons that we have not been able to market our country in a proper way to the rest of the world. Just look at India, how it is marketing its positive image to the world. They too have problems & in some cases problems that are worse than what we have in Pakistan but apart from all that the world is not isolating them.

Take the example of bomb blasts, they too are subjected to this problem but still countries around the global are not warning their nationals against visiting India...

Where are we heading????

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