Monday, November 3, 2008

Putting First things First!!!!

All the time we are told how to PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST, set our priorities but after all the hassle most of us end up doing this wrong. Commonly, we priorities the wrong things & when in the end we don't achieve our goal OUR THINKING PROCESS IS ON THE RUSH!!!

My case was no different....

After going through the 1st 3habits of The 7 HABITS I have found out that how we are supposed to set our priorities. After re-setting my list I have come to the conclusion that completing them becomes much more easier & far this is the most helping part for me....

On a lighter note I still cant priorities between 2 things, should I go for a new cell phone or those sunglasses that I have glued my eyes on;-p Well after all perfect implementation takes time...WHAT DO U SAY????

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